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Hector the little dinosaur

Italian Version


Hector is a little dinosaur who lives in the forest. He spends all his days eating flowers and having a rest.

page 1

But you see, poor Hector is very, very slow. Flowers are not so tasty, but what else could he eat?

page 2

One day, he finds a carrot. Looking around him he wonders: “Is there anyone who might steal my food?” Hopefully no one.

page 3

“Hi Bunny. How are you?” “Hi Hector, not eating flowers today?” “I was just about to try this carrot”, replies Hector. “Interesting”, the bunny says, thinking for a minute...

page 4

“Hey! You’re eating my carrot!” cries Hector. “Sorry, you’re too slow. Didn't you know? Carrots are my favourite food.”

page 5

Later, on top of a rock, he’s searching: “What else could I eat?” Something sweet and juicy, he’s thinking. But can you see it?

page 6

Oh look, an apple! That must be good. Can you see anyone who might steal his food?

page 7

“Hi Bear. How are you?” asks Hector. “I’m hungry”, says Bear. “Me too!” replies Hector. “Let’s see who can get this apple first then”, says Bear.

page 8

“I thought a bear’s favourite food was honey?…” But Bear is already eating the apple. Hector has been too slow again.

page 9

He walks some more and... oh look, a salad! That must be good. Hopefully no one will steal his food. Who else might want this salad?

page 10

“Oh, hi Snail. How are you?” “I’m very hungry”, says Snail slowly. “I see”, replies Hector, “shall we share then?” “Sure, but you better hurry!”

page 11

Hector wants to run. But he’s very, very slow. Just a few more steps. But the snail is getting closer.

page 12

Hector moves another foot. But the snail is much faster.

page 13

“Don’t finish it: we can still be friends!” tries Hector one more time, desperately...

page 14

Once again, Hector was too slow. There’s nothing left, the salad is gone, and there’s no more food around.

page 15

When a little mouse comes to offer him a nut. “I’m small and fast, I can give you this and more. You’re big and strong, you can be my protector.”

page 16

Hector is not alone anymore, he is so happy! Hopefully no one will steal his new friend. Can you see anybody?

page 17

Oh no, a fox! “This mouse looks yummy. Do you mind if we share it?” asks Fox. “Well”, answers Hector, “if you want it You’ll have to do something for me.

page 18

Mice are my favourite food, but I think those nuts taste much better. Go! I hold the mouse, you try the nut. Right behind you, tell me, is it tasty?”

page 19

“Did you just play a trick on me?” grumbles Fox. “Where is the mouse, I want to know!” “I’m sorry”, Hector answers the Fox, “I ate it all, you’re far too slow!”

page 20

That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


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